Emperiial eSports e.V.

Our Story

Emperiial eSports was founded in May 2015. It all started with a Call of Duty team. From time to time more and more Call of Duty teams joined us and gained respect in the community with wins in leagues and wins on LAN events. in March 2017 followed the entry as a state-proved association. Today, we are a big german multigaming organization with static growing and teams in games like: Call of Duty, Battlefield, Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA, Fortnite and more.

  • Giuseppe "Gauteri" Auteri 1st Executive Giuseppe "Gauteri" Auteri
  • Jochen "Jockel" Mandziuk 2nd Executive Jochen "Jockel" Mandziuk
  • Emanuel "Emi" Lutz Secretary / Treasurer Emanuel "Emi" Lutz
  • Oliver "Olli" W. Photographer Oliver "Olli" W.
  • Tunahan 'Tune' Özal Member Tunahan 'Tune' Özal